Bio Fungicide

Bio Fungicides Manufacturers in India

BIO-CURE -40 is an aqueous formulation containing Potassium Phosphite as an active ingredient. This compound is also known as Potassium Salt of Phosphonic acid. The P2O5 content of this formulation is 16 % minimum, the molecular formula of Phosphonic acid is H3PO3.



It eradicates organisms causing Downy mildew and Phytophthora in the plant System. It can be used as a bio stimulant to develop internal resistance against Oomycete’s fungi. A product having systemic action working as a disease suppressor with protective & curative actions.

  • Dosage: 
    Foliar Spray
  • Grapes: 
    2.5 to 3.0 ml/liter of water 600ml/acre after pruning when buds have sprouted.
  • Citrus: 
    20 to 30 ml/plant–pre/post monsoon.
  • Coconut/Cardamom:
    3 ml/ Liter, pre/post monsoon.
  • Tomato/ Potato:
    2 ml/Liter, high humidity & Low temperature conditions.
  • Cotton/Soyabean:
    2 ml per Liter, high humidity & low temperature conditions.
  • Compatibility :
    BIO-CURE-40 is compatible with commonly used fungicides. Do not use along with Inorganic Micronutrients & Calcium Fertilizers.