• Efficacy of plant protection measure depends on many factors. One of the important factors is water pH value. Efficacy of the spray solution of insecticide, fungicide, nutrient or herbicide is directly linked to water pH value
  • If the water used for preparing spray solution has high pH value (alkaline or pH more than 7), then the Agro inputs (insecticides or fungicides or nutrients or herbicides) do not perform up to the desired level. This will also restrict effective absorption and utilization of sprayed solution
  • The spray solution pH influences stability and solubility of Agro inputs. The pH of water commonly used for preparing spray solution normally ranges from 7 to 9 which is in alkaline range. In this alkaline pH range pesticides and other Agri-inputs decompose fast to inactive form and make the sprayed Agro-inputs ineffective. This problem can be resolved by adjusting the pH of sprayed solution to less than 7. To overcome this problem, we have introduced “QUIK PH” a water pH balancer to maintain pH level of water used for preparing spray solution


0.5Ml-1 Ml Per Lit



STICK MORE -80 (Bio-Activator Spreader)

Non-Ionic silicone spreader It is a cost-effective product when used with any pesticides, enzymes and other mixtures of foliar spray solutions. It is the only one product which enters into the stomata structure of the leaf. Even on the application over smooth leaves, it spreads properly to allow the solution to penetrate. While used with weedicide, it allows weedicide to get penetrated and absorbed properly for better results. It also helps fertilizers to be provided into the root zone.


For foliar application 0.30 ml per liter watercompatible with all kinds of sprays / drip application

Recommended Crops

All KIND OF CROPS, fruits, Vegetable crops, sugarcane & Tea, Coffee, Cardamom.


Chipku (Spray Adjuvant)

Chipku is an Agricultural Spray Adjuvant & Surface tension reducing agent of high quality formulated by Pinnacle Agritech Nashik through indigenous technology

Recommended Crops

All fruits, Vegetable crops, sugarcane & Tea, Coffee, Cardamom


With any spray solution- 0.5ml/liter in rainy season- 1ml/liter in herbicide solutions - 1 ml/ lit of solution.