Rhizobium spp bacteria organic biofertilizer

Rhizobium spp bacteria organic biofertilizer

Rhizobium spp/ Brady rhizobium Japonicum / Sino rhizobium melilot

  • Rhizobium species have been successfully used worldwide as a biofertilizer leading to effective establishment of Nitrogen fixing symbiotic association with leguminous crop plants.
  • Grow Rhizo – caps are capsules contains a nodulating type of symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria known as Rhizobium SSP
  • Rhizobium is a symbiotic bacterium which forms nodules on the root and fixes atmosphere nitrogen and makes it available to plants.
  • They help in (a) Increase plant growth through soil nutrient enrichment by nitrogen fixation (b) Increase plant protection and enhance plant defense by triggering induced systemic resistance against pests and pathogens.
  • In addition, PGPB (Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria) microbes contains useful variation for tolerating abiotic stress line extremes of temperature, pH, Salinity & drought; heavy metal and pesticides pollution.
  • Seeking such tolerant PGPB microbes is expected to offer enhanced plant growth and yield even under a combination of stresses.
  • When interacting with legumes, rhizobia help in increase plant growth through enriching nutrients by nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphate and producing phytohormones.
  • Rhizobia and systemic resistance against all odds.


Note : 5 X 1012 CFU/ML

Soil Application

  • 1 TO 2 BIO Capsules/Acre
  • Method 1: Mix 1 to 2 bio capsules/acre of Grow Rhizo with compost/FYM and apply to an acre of soil.
  • Method 2: Mix 1 to 2 bio capsules /acre of Grow Rhizo with 200-liter water and do drenching near the root zone on the plants.

Recommeded Crops

Lucerne, Groundnut, Potato, Pulses, Soyabean, ginger, pigeon pea, green gram, black gram, cowpea etc, All leguminous crops

Seedling Treatment

with 50-100liters of water. Dip the seedlings roots required for 1 acre in the suspension for 30 minutes prior to transplanting so that the bacteria get attached to the roots.

Shelf Life

  • Is stable for 16 months from the date of manufacturing.