The improper use of chemical fertilizer is leading towards fast deterioration of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. The soil conditions have to be improved so that it supports efficient crop growth and productivity. Again, there are problems of losses of applied fertilizers by way of leading, volatilization, denitrification of nitrogen fixation of phosphorus etc. In a country like India, where a large number of farmers are poor and have small holdings, the use of organic manure in combination with or without chemical fertilizers offers a great opportunity to increase crop production with less cost. The only alternative Solution to the above problem is making use of organic matter. With this view, Multiplex has launched a new product, GROW MORE SAMPURNA AN ORGANIC MANURE.


Fully decomposed organic manure. Enriched with millions of beneficial NPK and Zinc mobilizing bacteria. Fortified with Neem, Castor and Pongamia cakes. It also contents pseudomonas and Trichoderma Rich in humus and free from weed seeds. Nontoxic, environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible.


  • GROW MORE SAMPURNA helps in improving soil structure I.e., the physical conditions of the soil and also improves fertility of the soil.
  • GROW MORE SAMPURNA helps in better root proliferation.
  • GROW MORE SAMPURNA acts as a strong repellent to insects and reduces larvicidal activity, nematode population and mycoplasmas (MLO’s). It checks activity of root grubs and other soil insects. 
  • GROW MORE SAMPURNA does not leave harmful residue and does not cause problems of pollution.  The waste land and lowland can be enriched and productivity may be improved by the application of Sampurna.
  •  Marginal farmers in India cannot afford chemical fertilizers but the use of GROW MORE SAMPURNA is affordable and economical. 
  • GROW MORE SAMPURNA can minimize the use of chemical fertilizers in high consumption areas.


  • Coconut0.5–2 kg/palm
  • Cotton/ Groundnut 150 kg/acre
  • Coffee/Cocoa/pepper1 kg/plant/year
  • Grapes3–5 kg/vine
  • Banana1 kg/plant
  • Watermelon150kg/acre
  • Citrus/Mango2-5 kg/tree
  • Coconut3-5 kg/palm.
  • Household garden plants/roses100 g/pot.
  • Sugarcane240 kg/acre
  • Field crop (Vegetables & Flower crops)90 – 120 kg/acre
  • Pomegranate/papaya 0.5-1 kg/plant