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Largely most of the farmers know that soil health is critical to their business.

“We are not treating the plant, we are treating the soil. We feel if you treat the soil right and if you take care of the soil, your crops will definitely rise”.

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Organic Bio Fertilizers

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Our Mission

To offer and to consume environmentally friendly products that support the natural and non-violent way of life (for which production is not injuring animals).

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to provide quality farm inputs along with the total service to the farming community in general and small and marginal farmers/ Rain fed farmers in particular to improve overall Soil heath, Crop productivity and Quality of farm produce. The company’s approach is to work as “Total Service Provider” in the supply chain management of farming.

Our Motto

Promote Healthy Soil Mission

“Chemical residue Free Farming -Best quality crop & double production through innovative methods” 100% organic farming

Objectives of Organic Farming

  • Increase genetic diversity   Increase genetic diversity.
  • Promote more usage of natural pesticides   Promote more usage of natural pesticides.
  • Ensure the right soil   Ensure the right soil cultivation at the right time.
  • Keep and build good soil structure and fertility   Keep and build good soil structure and fertility.
  • Control pests, diseases and weeds   Control pests, diseases and weeds.
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