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Where every concept has scientific base. Welcome to Grow More Agrichem India Pvt Ltd., is an Ahmedabad based Agriculture research company established in the year 2017, engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing and Exporting of Nano Technology Bio-fertilizer Capsules, Complete Plant Nutrition and Total Protection Products such as Natural Bio-Stimulant’s, Bio-Organic Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, Bio- Fungicides, Bio-Plant protector’s, Spray Adjuvants, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil and Water Conditioners, with certain Crop Specific Fertilizers too with ultramodern eco-friendly Nano technology. The Ideology -"Agriculture is the Back Bone of Human civilization, and we as an Agri Inputs manufacturing company and Farm Inputs company are trying our level best to provide State-of-the-art nutrition solutions to various crops and eco-friendly Plant Protection Measures.

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Registration no: 2019/537562/07

Our dedication is to reach Farmers and Farmers community and Enhance Agricultural Output by reducing input cost (Fertilizers and Pesticide) with naturally available products without loss to farm productivity.

AIM is to help the farmer with multi-disciplinary team & universal approach. With our team of expertise, we would like to work with the farmers of South Africa.

Our Focus

  • We will provide POP (Package of Practices)
  • Integrated farm development programme
  • Animal husbandry
  • Holistic development
  • Increase 60 to 80% of more productivity.
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Our Vision

"To remain customers driven company, delight customers with state- of-the- art products and On Farm Consulting service, and thus be a Market Leader Complete Plant Nutrition company".

Our Mission

To promote innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development and South-South exchange of quality farmer­to-farmer training videos in local languages.

Core values

Being Pioneer Excellence Respect Everyone Commitment Database Decision Making.