Grow Rhiza

Grow Rhiza


  • It is a mycorrhiza based biofertilizer that contains spores of mycorrhiza fungus 
  • It is a beneficial fungus that symbiotically associates with plant roots and increases absorption of phosphorus, other nutrients and water from the soil which support to growth & development of plant and increases their yield
  • Mycorrhizal fungi can absorb, accumulate and transport large quantities of phosphate within their hyphae and release into root tissues of the plant.
  • The application of Mycorrhizal biofertilizer offers a 30% reduction in chemical fertilizers especially Phosphorus fertilizer.
  • It offers better stress tolerance capacity against a variety of soil stresses like metal toxicity, soil temperature, salinity etc. hence increasing the plant's survival rate 
  • It improves water absorption through the developed root mass hence retaining the moisture in and around the root.


It is used in all crops including Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fiber Crops, Sugar Crops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic Crops, Orchards and Ornamentals.

Additional info.

  • Soil Treatment – Mix 4-5 kg of granular mycorrhizal biofertilizer with 50 kg Power InCow Dung/ Vermi Compost/Soil. Blend well and broadcast it over one acre of land at the time of sowing. It can be used from sowing to 50 days of the crop.
  • For tree treatment: Mix 100 gm 0f granular mycorrhiza biofertilizer with 1 kg of soil/compost/FYM and apply it directly at the root zone of individual trees or vines early in the season
  • For soil application: Mix 4 TO 8KG 0f GRANULE mycorrhiza with 2 Tons of FYM. Mix properly and apply it directly at the root zone of individual trees early in the season.